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Razors, safety razors, shaving soap and more shaving accessory of korium

korium is your online shop for all kinds of shaving accessory and men's cosmetics. In our Shop you will find everything you need if you are looking for a new razor, safety razor or for a straight razor for the classic wet shaving. Throughout Europe you will find no greater range of classic safety razors. We offer by far the largest selection of materials and finishes, such as razors with metal, horn or wooden handles. We also offer a wide range of straight razors from various manufacturers. In our shop you will find a wide range in which both beginners and professionals can choose the right shaving tool. Especially for beginners will benefit from the cheap razor sets that we offer depending on your price expectations and personal taste in many different variations. You will find anything you need to get started in wet shaving with a straight razor. The connoisseurs swear on the tried and true brand products from Solingen, known for their masterful razors for well over a hundred years across all borders. In our product range you will find several manufacturers of razors from Solingen.

In addition to that we also have straight razor with exchangeable blades or the matching leather case for your straight razor or your Gillette shaver. You prefer a classic shaving set with razors with Gillette Mach3 or Fusion blades? You need other shaving stuff like mugs, shaving soap or a new shaving brush? These products are of course also available! Whether razor blades, Shavettes, shaving soap or shaving cream and shaving oil: Here you will find everything for the best shave.

Besides safety razors, straight razors, shaving cream, we also offer men's cosmetics and grooming products

Only the best for your skin!. Treat yourself to something special! We do not only offer a wide range of products of "shaving stuff" - such as straight razors, shaving soap, safety razors as a set - in the shop, but also first-class hair and body care, deodorants, fragrances and men's cosmetics. Our men's cosmetics - products, for example, include revitalizing facial creams, facial scrubs and washing gels that have been developed specifically for male skin. Just like our range of high quality razor, safety razor and shaving creams also the range of hair care products, men's cosmetics and other care products is constantly expanding.

Browse at your leisure through the extensive range of our shaving brushes, Shaving sets and men's cosmetics. Please also note our manicure sets, cosmetic bags for storage of male cosmetics or travel shaving brush and travel razors for the journey as well as the attractive offers in our shop category SALE.

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